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Simone Perele
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 Delectably French, Simone Perele lingerie exudes beauty and elegance. Known to pay careful attention to the minutest of details, brand Simone Perele displays the highest respect for women and well understand the quality they deserve. It was started in 1948 by a young and independent-minded corset-maker by the name of Simone Perele who had a brilliant idea that, “Women do not need to choose between elegance and comfort”. Being gifted with a deep intuition for fashion, Simone Perele went on to create “made-to-measure” looks that were typical of fashion houses alone. 

Presently, Simone Perele, the company, is run by the lady’s children who have stayed true to their mother’s philosophy and are equally convinced that women choose their lingerie in the same way as a perfume. This means each product has to match the personality of the person who will wear it, and it is this stroke of a genius that lends all Simone Perele designs such uniqueness. These designs reconcile the heart, mind and body to make women confident in their natural beauty, and this can be achieved only through the precise and intimate knowledge of the body, its movements and longings. It's these production secrets of Simone Perele with their passion and precision, that reflect the label’s almost sixty years of experience in luxury lingerie designing.
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