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Oscar de la Renta
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 Very few brands of the world have enjoyed a legendary status like that of Oscar de la Renta. One of the first luxury labels to have conquered the women’s apparel market, Oscar de la Renta traces its origins to when its founder and namesake began his career in fashion. It all started with De la Renta working as an apprentice for Balenciaga then Antonio Castillo at Lanvin in Paris. Having learnt the art of luxury, the Dominican designer was able to launch his own label by 1965. 

The fashion house of Oscar de la Renta we know today has emerged as an award winning haute couture brand owing to the intricate embroidery and ornate designs sprinkled with a dash of exotic Latin details. All Oscar de la Renta creations continue to defy expectations in the fashion industry and reign in the hearts of the fashionistas, celebs and non-celebs alike. 
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