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Getting your bra fit right is extremely important for comfort and good support. Let's not forget, a well fitting bra helps you improve your figure and posture. Reports suggest that eight out of 10 women wear the wrong bra size. So, we bring to you a simple guide to make sure you get the perfectly fitted bra next time. Always keep in mind, there are various factors that influence the look and feel of different bra styles. For example, age and elasticity of breast tissue may make your bra size different from someone whose shape is similar to yours. Here's a guide on 'How to wear a bra'.
1 To put on the bra, place your hands through the straps and lean forward to let your breasts fall into the cups. Make sure the cups should be able to contain your breasts, unless you are trying on a demi bra or enhancing bra,  such that they center your nipples in their fullest part.
2 Close the bra using the first hook. This will let you tighten the underband as the bra loosens. Always look for a band that fits in snugly with your body shape without cutting into your rib cage.
3 Next, align the fit by lifting each breast inside the cup while holding the underwire in position. Make sure that the underwire fits comfortably against the rib cage, in the crease below the breasts without pressing tightly. Once that is done, lean forward while holding the wires in place and shake the bra gently left and right to make you sit higher in the cups.
4 To adjust the straps, slip them off the shoulders to bring the adjusters by your side. Modify the length of the straps such that that they don't dig in. Remember, the band gives most of the support and that's why you wouldn't want the straps to put too much pressure on the shoulders.
Adjusting the straps only the first time you wear the bra should be sufficient.