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Counted among the A-list of the lingerie world, Italian brand Christies has positioned itself from the very beginning as appealing to the upper end of the market. Sold at exclusive boutiques and speciality shops, Christies is a very popular lingerie maker known for its fondness for the elegantly provocative and naturally sensual. The woman who inspires the Christies collections is an urban, sophisticated individual with tastes that have evolved over the years in harmony with the collections. So, all Christies creations reflect sophisticated style, attention to detail and good quality owing to the generous use of luxurious Italian fabrics, French laces and Swiss embroideries along with transparencies.

In other words, Christies collections bring to intimates a refined sense of femininity without being obtrusive. In fact, the beautiful lingerie from Christies is much credited for being unique and acting as veils of thin layers of mystery that seduce. The world of Christies entinces you with a glamorous seduction and the art of mystique.

Christies was started in 1980 in Quistello in the province of Mantua, Italy. So, it’s been almost 30 years since the company has been staying competent and careful in their choice of clothes, which not only are comfortable to wear but are lovely to show off in private too. By the early 90s, Christies even dabbled into beachwear and since then has been actively engaged in researching new materials, models and styles while always keeping a vigilant eye on the ever-changing customer needs. No wonder Christies is such an irresistible designer lingerie brand!
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Designer bridal lingerie includes the lingerie that will be worn under the wedding gown and bridal nightwear that is intended to be worn at night, when you are alone. Some women get designer bridal nightwear as shower gifts, while others prefer to select their own. At Straps and Strings, you can buy sexy lingerie for the wedding ceremony and the wedding night at discount prices.


When selecting bridal lingerie that will be worn on your wedding day, consider fit and comfort. Sexy lace bras will make you feel feminine and alluring, but should also provide the support you need and be comfortable enough to last throughout the ceremony and reception. We have sexy lace bras in a wide range of styles, so you can find something that will work with the cut of your gown.


After the reception is over, the guests have gone home, and you are alone, it is time to pull out sexy bridal nightwear. We have a large selection of designer bridal nightwear, including designer bridal nightwear, sexy lace bras, panties, corsets, bodies, and accessories. We have enough variety in lingerie for honeymoon to satisfy the preferences of every bride.