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Brand Chantelle has been defining fine lingerie for the elegant and sophisticated woman since 1876. Much celebrated as the world’s largest French intimate apparel company, Chantelle consistently ensures quality, comfort, and fit like no other in all its brilliant creations. Lingerie experts believe that Chantelle is an investment in your comfort and style as “only a few lingerie brands have a real history and claim true expertise like Chantelle.

Chantelle traces its origins back to the 19th Century when Mr.Gamichon made the first knits in his Romilly factory thanks to the discovery of the rubber vulcanization process. Soon, he joined forces with his nephew, who is also the first representative of the Kretz family which still manages the company to this day.

1902 had Chantelle embarking on its corset-making activity and remarkable designs made from elastic fabric that revolutionized the lingerie market. The company was named to Chantelle in 1949 as it became a brand to reckon with in body-shaping undergarments category.

The year 1970 saw the Chantelle "Fete" model become a significant event of its time, selling at over one million units per year. Chantelle even has the first molded bra, launched in 1972 under the name Delfi, to its credit. Since then, brand Chantelle has carved a niche for itself standing on the pillars of elegance and textile technology. Today Chantelle is universally recognized as the number one French lingerie company on the international market.
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