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The bra fit is not right ...
The underwire digs in
It's important for the breasts to be completely held by the underwire. The muscle tissue should not be pinched by it. Try a larger cup size if it does.
Your shoulder straps dig in
Perhaps the band is too big and not giving you enough support, putting the entire load on the straps. Loosen the straps to check the effect on the band. If the band fails to provide support, it's time to experiment with a smaller band size.
Your breasts bulge from the bra
If there is an overflow at the top or the underarms, go for a larger cup size to ensure more coverage. You can try wearing a t-shirt over the bra to reveal any bumps. Please remember that there may be some bulging in half cup styles owing to age and consequent loss of elasticity in tissue. 
The fabric bridge between your breasts
does not lie flat on the breastbone

Try changing the placement in the hook closure. If that does not work, probably the cups are too small, so you should move to the next biggest size.
The cups look baggy or if the fabric around the cups starts to wrinkle
This usually happens when the cups are not filled out implying that the cup size is too big. You may need a smaller cup size.In casethe cups fit snugly but crease a littleat the point where they meet the strap, it's possible that you are hollower in the chest and the brarides up too high for your shape. Go for a a bra with cups that finish lower down, such as a balconette
The band rides up at the back
This means that either the cups are too small or are pulled too high. Check the shoulder straps and adjust to a comfortable length. Also, when you slip the shoulder straps down, the band should still hold you in place without being too tight. That said, the band should always sit firmly in place even when you lift your arms up or move them around.