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Antinea by Lise Charmel
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 Antinea by Lise Charmel is dedicated to an all-embracing woman who appreciates style and is in harmony with herself and all those she wants to charm. The brand Lise Charmel goes back to the fifties in Lyon, France for its fashionable origins. Known as the “Capital City of Silk”, Lyon lent a unique romantic character to the intricate beauty of Lise Charmel lingerie. Very soon, Lise Charmel came to be recognized internationally for its technically advanced approach to lingerie and earned itself the position of the most celebrated and sought after French lingerie brand. As of today, the umbrella company functions as four brands, each addressing a unique facet of femininity – Lise Charmel, Antinea by Lise Charmel, Antigel by Lise Charmel and Eprise by Lise Charmel. Antinea focuses on the woman of today who chooses to have a personal style which is as chic as she is without compromising even a little bit on comfort. Perhaps, that explains Antinea being one of the very few designer brands of the world that consider intimates as your second skin. Antinea simply picks the best there is among the current fashion trends and combines it with the most advanced textile technology to bring you comfortable support everyday. 

Take one of Antinea’s collections like Fleurs de Bengale, for instance. Never before was there an escape as beautiful and sophisticated as this lovely offering by Antinea. Coming from the masters of French luxury, Lise Charmel, Fleurs de Bengale casts a spell with its beguiling display of the exotic and the mysterious. Drawing a lot from the patterns of Bengal, the Fleurs de Bengale by Antinea showcases a soulful medley of paisley design, breathtaking floral embroidery and Swarovski ices. Another collection by Antinea from Lise Charmel, Nuit flirty takes romance to its peak in the delicately provocative and sensuous lingerie. Showcasing a teasing play of 'hide and conceal', it has a wine red satiny soft fabric superimposed by a black lace veil. The range by Antinea has been crafted from top quality lycra and gracefully married to a beautifully chiseled lace with Swarovski crystals in attendance.
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